Connect to Tomb with Edge Wallet

Edge Wallet (formerly Airbitz) implements a client-side encrypted, peer-to-peer synchronized, and backed up data store with a clean, easy to use account-style interface.

Creating a Wallet

  1. Download the Edge Wallet app from your app store

  2. Once on the home screen, click "Add Wallet"

  3. Click on "Create Wallet" to finish the process of "Import Wallet" to import an existing wallet

  4. Search for Fantom and click the associated toggle switch. Then click on "Next" to continue

Now that you've created your Edge Wallet, you can begin adding your Tomb Ecosystem tokens

Adding Tokens

  1. Head back to the "Wallets" homepage

  2. Click "Add Token"

  3. Select your newly created Fantom wallet

  4. Use the search bar to find your Tomb Ecosystem token. Click the toggle to enable.

Connecting to

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